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TMX Knockout

The 'TMX Knockout' (TMUF) starts in STUNT modus every 1st Friday in month at 22 CET on the TMX Knockout server. Please join the server a few minutes before the competition starts. After the knockout started, the server will be password protected and you can only spec (what is interesting, too:).

More Infos about the Knockout (with server link):

If you want to map for the TMX-Knockout:

Have fun.

Thanks Namo!

This month the TMX Stunt-Knockout will start on Friday, 5th April at 22.00 CET. Have Fun.

Tomorrow, on Friday 3rd May at 22.00 CET,  the next TMX Stunt-Knockout will start on the regular TMX Knockout-Server. Come in and have fun.