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The return Of SyN

I have returned from a very uneasy no game time and massive lifestyle change.

I'd like to think I'm a better understanding of things but alas no.

I can say I'm in so much physical pain in the evenings it's unbearable no painkillers will work.

So I find myself playing Trackmania United Star edition on the gaming mobile more and more.

Can I please come back to the team..?


Welcome back.

You find the clantag here:



Thank you kindly.

nice to be back 🙂

Welcome back my Friend 😉

syn my friend, I understand you very well, I am a chronic pain patient myself

Furthermore, in the meantime I also have a psychological problem, what the names of my maps are in June, to maybe understand why I am the way I am

Still going through hard days so head up my friend, you are not alone


syn mein freund, ich verstehe Dich sehr gut, bin selber chronischer Schmerzpatient

Desweiteren habe ich zwischenzeitlich auch noch psychische problem, was die namen meiner maps im monat Juni stehen, um vielleicht zu verstehen, warum ich so bin, wie ich bin

Mache immer noch harte tage durch, also kopf hoch mein freund, Du bist nicht alleine

Stay well SyN If you need anything and i can help, post me

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