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Stunts on TM2 (ExtraWorld)

Extra-World (Stunts on TM2) has some fascinating new possibilities. The old TMUF cars (Bay, Island, Coast, Snow, Rally, Desert) are now integrated in the game with their 100% orginal physics. So we have altogether 10 cars for stunting in TM2. The TMUF cars are not in their own enviroments, but its fun to explore them with the blocks of the TM2 envis. The great TM2 editor enables possibilities like: importing blocks, creating blocks and free rotating of the blocks.

You can simply download it for free on the ingame store in Maniaplanet. Or direct from this link:

-> you need all 4 TM2 envis (Stadium, Canyon, Valley and Lagoon) to start ExtraWorld. If you have all 4 envis, you will get the 6 TMUF cars for free.
For newcomers: There is a Trackmania 2- Complete Pack with all 4 envis available on the Maniaplanet website.

ExtraWorlds is still a final beta version, but working without problems. We have 159 new maps, which can be played in Solo mode or on different online Server. Fire Cups are not possible at the moment, because the Controller is not ready.
Have fun.

more infos and help:


I updated the Announcement for TM2 Stunts.