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Welcome Fire Team Applicant!

* * * NOTICE * * *

We are accepting new team members at this time.

Please continue reading so you understand the requirements.
When this notice is gone, we will be accepting applications.

Our team was started with fun and integrity as its main focus. The requirements for joining TMFire are not based on skill level alone. In fact, skill level is not nearly as important as are our other requirments. We are looking for people who love the game, who are honest, respectful, and dedicated to the team.

Remember, being part of our team is a privilege and as such, you are a representative of our team as a whole. If this sounds like you, then let the process begin.

Here’s how to start:

1. Play on our server for a minimum of 40 hours. This is so you get to know us, we get to know you, and shows us you’re serious.
2. Register on our website, start a thread here: Board -> General Category -> Become a TMFire Member. Introduce yourself, and briefly explain why you would like to join us.
3. Then, in your introduction thread, our members will comment/vote on whether they will accept you.
4. If most comments/votes are positive, our team leaders will make a final decision.
5. If approved you will be given access to the Fire tag code and the following rules will apply.


1. Be active on our server as this promotes our server and team
2. Be active on our forum to keep up on the latest information and events.
3. Be respectful of all players regardless of their skill level.
4. Be helpful to others. For example, you notice a player who’s struggling and obviously new to the game, offer some advice.
5. Be honest. No cheating. We all want to be good, but not that way. There will be Zero tolerance for that.
6. Have FUN! That’s what this team is about.

These rules should be followed not just on our server, but on all servers. Failure to observe these rules may result in cancellation of team membership.